port forwarding

  1. cats_five

    Edgerouter X issues - FIXED PPPoE is different

    I'm the proud new owner of FTTP and I got an Edgerouter X as my new router. Edit: To make it clear there are two different Pis, one running a website for public access which is issue #1, and the other running PiHole which has issue #2. I have two outstanding issues: 1) Port forwarding isn't...
  2. BlueCarr

    Port Forwarding Not Working

    I have been trying to port forward on my windows ten laptop but whenever i check the port online it says it is closed. i logged into the router management page and portforwarded port 27272. I have tried disabling firewall and and antivirus but to no avail. Im on a BT Home Hub 3 with a wifi...
  3. raydona

    Port Forwarding Not Working

    Hi, Can I state from the outset that I live in a block of flats where we have access to only one ISP, Hyperoptic. Because of this I am stuck with this garbage ISP and cannot move to a better one. I am configuring port forwarding on hyperoptic ZXHN H298N router. I am running openSUSE leap 15.1 on...
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