1. W1LL3y3

    RDNA2 pre order dates?

    @Gibbo or anyone working for ocuk. Any chance you can say when you'll be opening up pre orders for the new RDNA2 gpus since there's only 10 days til release. Cheers
  2. SRUnderwood

    LG 38WN95C availability

    After quite a bit of research I decided on upgrading to an LG 38WN95C monitor, so finally took the plunge and paid OCUK my £1350 to pre-order. I believe that they have had some stock but are waiting for new stock. This was almost a month ago now but they are still unable to say when they might...
  3. Tom Parton

    **CoolerMaster H100 Mini-ITX Case (H500's Little Brother) - Pre-Order Now!

    CoolerMaster have a new entry into the Mini-ITX Market and it's like their design team cut a H500 in half with a chainsaw! With the CoolerMaster Elite-130 Mini-ITX coming to the end of it's life, the H100 is a refreshing new look at the Mini-ITX form factor. The H100 features CoolerMaster's...
  4. Tom Parton


    Available Now for Pre-Order! Stock should be landing Mid May. A High Airflow, Configurable ATX case with the EXACT SAME EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS AS Q300L! CoolerMaster have taken their popular Micro-ATX Case Q300L and re-arranged the internal layout, somehow making space for an ATX motherboard...
  5. Darkbowz

    Sapphire GearBox TB3 eGFX

    /edit This has now been posted in the correct forum. This post can be deleted.
  6. Reinhardt

    KFA2 GTX 1080Ti Hall Of Fame Pre-Order

    Is the GPU you're selling this? : The picture is not same so im wondering if its gona be that. If it is maybe you should update the picture of the product?even tho we not sure its gona...
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