1. TheOGsausage

    RTX 3080 refund time for preorder

    i ordered an RTX 3080 on 18/09/20 and requested a refund on the 19th. currently they have cancelled the order and not given me my money back after about 3 days. don’t pre-order this card! it will most likely not be shipped for about a month anyway so you shouldn’t pile into the already huge...
  2. Denise Charters

    2080Ti Key Differences

    I noticed a small difference between two of the GeForce RTX 2080Ti for pre-order and I was wondering if anyone could clarify this seemingly insignificant difference, or if it means more - enough to warrant noticing... Number One: GEFORCE RTX 2080TI DUAL OC 11264MB GDDR6 PCI-EXPRESS...
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