1. c0n_nor

    Upgrading from i3-8350k

    Currently using an i3-8350k with 16GB of ram which has been fairly decent. Upgrading the GPU to either an RTX 3060 or RX 6700XT. Thoughts on the best CPU to pair with that level of GPU that won't bottleneck the GPU but also won't break the bank and hopefully push 1440p?
  2. nessuno

    Help Overclocking a ROG laptop

    Hi guys!!! I'm new to the forum and the "world of overclocking", I have an ASUS ROG G752VS OC Edition which, in Extreme mode, has the multiplier at 39X, the processor is an i7-6820HK, I tried to push the overclock a little further but it goes into power throttling. Now I don't know if it...
  3. Mgn

    Gaming PC Purchase HELP and ADVICE

    Sorry I don’t know if I am asking the right forum. I have no clue about gaming PCs at all, but my 10 year old son is looking for a gaming PC for his Christmas. I am not looking at spending an absolute fortune, but he wants something that is powerful enough to play things like Fortnite and Call...
  4. Daniel Pedrini

    8700k or 9700k?

    I'm about to start building a new gaming PC (will only be used for gaming) and wanted to know which is the better CPU for gaming - the 8700k or the 9700k? At the moment the price between the two is pretty similar with around £20 difference so will buy whichever one I'm going to get better...
  5. SemperFitz

    graphics card and procesor

    Hi all, My last PC was built 6 years ago and its time for a bit of an upgrade, I'm a bit out of touch with all the various options these days so was hoping for some advise. Below are the specs of my current set up and im looking to improve graphics card and's the kicker budget...
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