1. Phillipe

    Need HELP!

    I’m looking for a gaming pc and I play competitively so I was looking for a build that can run Warzone and most FPS games at 200+fps on 1440p and above and escape from tarkov. Also play gta, ark, and rust. My budget is around $5-$7k
  2. Dav1988

    Video editing - Live Stream Church PC - Advice required please

    Hi I am planning to build a PC for our Church to perform live stream, video editing via Power Director and office jobs like Word and PowerPoint and etc. I am thinking of below setup. I need your general advice on all parts please. Also to mention that I am a bit reluctant and sceptical on the...
  3. passifid

    Can we clean up some of the in appropriate edits?

    Snip wrong area
  4. davetrace1

    Help Windows wont install updates!! Pics included

    Very annoying, Windows wont update and now takes 2 hours just for me to log in On the desktop I can download the updates fine. But when I have to restart to install them that's when trouble starts..... When turning on the computer these messages appear; It says Windows is configuring updates...
  5. HeX

    AMD announces new Radeon Pro Duo with two Polaris 10 GPUs

    Full article here:
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