1. Delvis

    Any SCCM query gurus here?

    Hi all, I want to run a query to list all PNP devices with the word %cam% in it, but also return the list of hostnames....I cant seem to figure it out. Any help appreciated
  2. GinGo


    Hello again! Just a quick question now i'm back as i can't remember if it was in a thread already but what are the requirements for getting access to certain forums such as sales and getting free postages from the main site, I have a friend that has these benefits but he can't remember how he...
  3. Talasour

    Duel 27" monitors stacked vertically

    Hi, just wanted an option but do you think two 27" monitors stacked on a single monitor arm, with the top one being slightly tilted would look daft or OK? Thanks.
  4. pete_agreatguy

    Follow AIO manual or MB manual? Fan conector query

    Hi all, Components: * Asus Prime Z270-A motherboard * NZXT Kraken x42 AIO Asus motherboard manual states: Whereas the NZXT manual states: Should I follow the directions of the NZXT manual or the Asus motherboard manual for connecting the AIO fan? Just want to clarify.
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