r9 280x

  1. Tooly122

    AMD r9 280x driver issues for months

    basically about to remove my r9 280x as I know it's a old card but I believe I've tried all possible ways online to try and rectify the intermittent black screen crashes. Over the last few days after finally setting my pc back up I've tried once again removing drivers and installing the latest...
  2. Granpin

    Need help for upgrading

    What would you upgrade to increase my fps? Currently running triple 24 inch monitors in 5760 x 1080 i5 4690k 8 gigs of ram Gigabyte z97x-sli R9 280x I Also have two of the 280x cards but my son is using the other. My choices are upgrading to a GTX 1060 gpu or upgrading my CPU, motherboard...
  3. Kai Harris

    R9 280x 144hz

    Okay, so to prefice, I know people will say my GPU isn't equipped for a 144hz monitor, but I'm mainly only going to use it for CSGO and other easy games. But anyways, what would be my best bet to try and get 144hz for it? There are two mini display port ports, a dual-link dvi-i and a hdmi port...
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