random restart

  1. FendiHimself

    Windows 10 randomly restarts.

    I have had my pc since 2019, and I have had no issues with it what so ever, until recently I started to notice my PC would randomly restart, I dont get the "Restarting..." Screen, it just instantly turns off and on again, my specs are: RTX 3060 i7-6700k (bottleneck i know) 16gb ddr4 ram Z170A...
  2. Emjeadea

    Bizarre Bsod issue!

    Hi all, I'm usually a silent problem solver and never really ask for help just trawl the net for possible fixes till i nail it. However this issue has been plaguing me for sometime now and i though i would call up on the only forum I'm actually signed up to that i think could genuinely help me...
  3. Cypher270

    Bluescreen / freezing after PSU off/on

    Hello all, PC has been working fine since it was built in Jan but has recently started randomly BSOD / freezing during or shortly after start up. If I shut down normally then turn it on again, everything is fine even after a 3-4 days of no use. If I shut it down, then turn it off at the PSU...
  4. Illuminist

    Really need your expertise and knowledge to diagnose a hard reset problem. Please Help

    Hello, Thanks for coming to try to help. This is the problem in it's entirety. The Pc worked perfectly for about a year until my old psu popped and caused the entire house to trip a fuse, (february) I replaced the Psu with a kolink 1000w bronze and all was good until I woke up after 2 days...
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