1. mrk

    Latest Realtek NIC driver offers 10% CPU reduction on high bandwidth loads

    Last updated the Realtek LAN drive back in April but never paid any attention to actual CPU usage when maxing out the bandwidth, only really noticed the higher than expected CPU use after monitoring task manager doing speedtests since going FTTP and doing a bit of research leading to info...
  2. Dagnis

    Realtek pcie gbe family controller 100mbps capped at 100mbps

    Hi there everyone, hopefully I can get this sorted with the help of this community. I signed with a UK ISP called Lightspeed broadband. I took 1Gbps FTTP package. When I use my 14 Pro Max wifi I get over 600 on upload and download. However I just connected my ethernet via cat7 cable from the...
  3. itm

    Realtek Audio Control no longer working after latest Windows 10 update

    I've been using the Realtek Audio Control app (from the MS Store) for configuring the 5-channel audio on my Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite motherboard. Since the latest Windows update this app seems to have disappeared. When I tried to update it from the MS Store I got an error message. So I rebooted...
  4. Axekickjack

    Razer Surround Audio Software Issue

    Hello, Im using a Astro A40 headset through a Astro Mix Amp Pro 2013 edition which is connected to my PC via the optical port on my motherboard. I installed the razer surround software (and uninstalled realtek audio manager) to try get the best audio for FPS games - hear footsteps better...
  5. Boedicia

    Unable to get onboard audio to work

    Hi, i've upgraded my graphics card to 1080ti. Since then i have not been able to listen to my on-board audio/external speakers. I have tried so many different things, reinstalling, updating reinstalling my OS. I'm just worried that perhaps my ports aren't working anymore for audio as the...
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