1. mrk

    If you play lots of games and uninstall them after, you will have leftover files all over your drives

    Posting this here too as it's mostly gaming related and will save a whole bunch of space. Was recommended Revo Uninstaller Free on reddit this week after a post of mine hit the front page about games that leave behind GBs of files after you uninstall them, often in other locations that are not...
  2. mcfc4heatons

    Sega Rally Revo Splitscreen Two Displays ??

    Hi, Been playing about with an old favorite Sega Rally Revo (known just as Sega Rally in Europe) I have 3 displays and managed to get it working on single player mode at 5760 x 1080 with Nvidia Surround by changing the resolution in the games ini file. It worked but the picture was stretche...
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