rgb fusion

  1. BittMark

    RGB fusion 2.0 for B550 Gaming X V2

    I had try to download the RGB software from Gigabyte but is not working at all. Anybody knows the reason? I got the B550 gaming X V2.
  2. ConnorBCFC

    RTX 2080 SUPER not showing in RGB Fusion

    Hi, I’ve got a new build together featuring a GIGABYTE RTX 2080 SUPER GAMING OC. I want to control the RGB on the card but upon launching RGB Fusion 2.0, only the RAM shows up. How can I fix this please? Thanks.
  3. VcntyPrxy

    RGB controls not working after reinstallation of Windows 10.

    I found myself at the end of a goose chase that ended in needing to reset the OS through the Windows 10 reset function. No problems since as the original issue concerns, although I'm now unable to control my B450 Asus Elite's RGB through RGB Fusion 2.0 in the boot menu- perhaps on a related note...
  4. MartinPCGod

    Can someone help advise me install and sync my RGB components?

    Hi everyone. I'm currently building a desktop using a combination of Asus and Gigabyte AORUS hardware and I have a couple of questions regarding which connectors to use and to which header (4 pin Aura or 3 pin addressable) and how to sync them all using both Aura sync and RGB Fusion 2 software...
  5. texasjohn

    Gigabyte G1 1080 RGB problem - RGB LED stuck on red

    New system from OC. Over the moon with it, apart from one minor issue. No matter what I do, or try, the pesky LEDs on the side of the graphics card refuse to display any colour other than red. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling GB's RGB Fusion and Aorus Gaming SW, with no luck. It all loads up...
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