1. Cooler running

    Rate that Rodent

    Thread is simple. 2 kinds of posters, Rodents and Raters. If you own, keep or otherwise have encountered a rodent which you have photographed, feel free to post it. Please don't post images of Rodents taken either professionally or haphazardly by others. If you're not the rodenting type...
  2. Cadder

    Mice under decking

    Hi all, We have had our decking down for a couple of years. We haven't seen many mice until this year and it seems there are quite a few. We saw three different mice going into different areas of the deck and that's quite alarming all of a sudden. Ideally I'd like to persuade them that my...
  3. Mercutio

    Most important features in a mouse

    I'm... considering a bit of tinkering on the rodent front. Have a few ideas where I'd like to take things but rather curious what others thoughts might be on what makes a "good mouse". Amazing sensor aside (I'd be prototyping it with a very "hacked together" setup with whatever shell fits best...
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