1. tdsmithj

    Improving my wireless local network

    Currently I have a SKY Q 2 Router and a TP-LINK 450 extender. My router has two separate bands for 2.4ghz and 5ghz which connects to the extender which also sends out 2.4 and 5ghz with the EXT naming convention. The problem I am having that I think the 5ghz band keeps dropping from the extender...
  2. BusyBeeBiker

    WIFI 6 and Routers

    Chaps Volunteer working for SMB Charity that provides Learning opportunities for Adults with Learning Disabilities and trying to sort out the historic IT that has grown up over the years. First issue I am addressing is there woeful WiFi offering: 3Mb Down and 1Mb Up ASDL+ BT Smart Hub Wi-Fi...
  3. Di Wedd

    Can anyone help a home network problem, please?

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me with a home network issue. Current Setup We have two buildings on our property. The main house [building 1] is the primary internet access point. It has a fibre internet line into the house / router. From the router are Ethernet cables and other cables...
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