1. sweetlike3

    Astra J 65 Plate ULEZ

    Hi There, Looking to buy an Astra. Having read online, Im interested in a 2.0 cdti based on them being more reliable than the 1.6 however im a bit confused regarding whether 2.0 cdti 65 plate astras (sep onwards) are ulez compliant or not. I know that 15 plate cars are not compliant and that...
  2. overthinker

    Does one really need V5C to take a vehicle out of the UK for a week or so?

    For family reasons I need to visit my home country by car as soon as possible. For that I'm planning to buy a used car. According to this, I'd need to have V5C to take a vehicle out of the UK. The problem is that And I don't have a week to wait for my V5C. Do I really need V5C to go to the...
  3. Danger Phoenix

    Lurking Around

    I've not posted in a while, but due to some unfortunate circumstances I am back to seek some advice ;) Sorry, I kind of made it sound dramatic... nothing major... laptop just got stolen and I am about 3-4 years behind the times. Anyways, before I post in the Laptops section I can't quite...
  4. Feek

    **** Spoilers - Please read before posting ****

    Rules around the use of spoilers The moderation team has identified that there is no set standard for users to hide spoilers. This inconsistency means that we continue to receive RTMs from users who complain that they visit threads about movies and TV shows that have been spoiled by careless...
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