1. Sil3ntgames

    Re-Size BAR Option, Unsupported Hardware

    Specs listed in signature. I have option to enable resizable bar in latest bios, but my hardware seems to be not listed to support it. Will this work if I enable it?
  2. Figo

    Resizable BAR / SAM on Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000/4000) on X570 Taichi

    Looks like ASrocks new 4.0 Bios has unlocked SAM for older Ryzen CPUs Decent wee performance bump on the RX 6800 - not bad at all for a bios toggle!
  3. woozor

    Need a new monitor old one died.

    I’m after a new monitor as myne has died. My usage is generally just browsing watching YouTube and movies and photo editing (non professional work). Gaming wise I don’t play games anymore if I do some WoW. I’m coming from a samung S27A850TS I was never that keen on that Samsung monitor...
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