1. Kei

    Trouble setting up samba

    I've reinstalled my storage server OS having upgraded the hardware. I was using openSuSE leap 42.3 prior to the upgrade and have moved to Fedora 30. Before upgrading, I backed up the original smb.conf file and vsftpd.conf file in order to make life a little easier. That said, it's not been...
  2. Frank Jeagar

    *SOVLED* CIFS Mounted Drive Not Showing All Folders Ubuntu 18.04

    Hey everyone, At work our we have Windows 10 machines that we use for general tasks and also SSH into our Ubuntu 18.04 VMs to do our heavu computational work. For some reason, certain folders within the drive are invisible on the VMs, but are definitely there. We can see them on Windows and we...
  3. Infidelus

    Linux & Samba Permissions

    Hey all, I'm slowly migrating my home network to Linux and am currently trying to set up a file server. For my setup I'm using Ubuntu Server 16.04 with a ZFS RAIDZ pool and Samba (although I'm quite interested in NFS too). So far I've had intermittent success with the correct permissions...
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