screen quality

  1. mrnoone

    Why there is no better screens in VR headsets ?

    I made a research and saw that these resolutions which cause screen-door effect. Oculus : 2160 x 1200 HTC Vive : 2160 x 1200 Maybe some or most people will say that "there is no screen-door effect *** are you talking about ?" but i just want the answer of my question. I know that we can produce...
  2. Koorosh

    17 120hz versus 15 4k laptop?

    I am currently banging my head against a wall trying to make a good decision on a laptop purchase. The trouble is that I could do with a pretty decent screen for image editing, but to put things into context, my last laptop was a Toshiba Satellite with a 740m and a pitiful screen. In that sense...
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