1. ElT

    Worth the premium for Seasonic?

    I need a new PSU as old one might be struggling. I was looking at the Seasonic range as that's what I had before and I would guess the cables are therefore compatible plus it just seemed a good PSU. But they seem to be significantly more expensive. Example, there's a 1000W Titanium BeQuiet for...
  2. redking2436

    RMA'ing PSU

    So I started this thread just to get some advice on whether my issue is actually a reason to RMA, Basically I have a system with a 5900x a 3080ti and a seasonic 1000w prime PSU and randomly spread over many days and weeks it will occasionally just shut down mid-game rather infuriatingly, at...
  3. LordFeste

    Is it possible for 12v line to stop working temporarily?

    Strangest thing. PSU is 10 years old. Seasonic X Gold. It's survived quite a few upgrades of mobos, cpus and gfx cards. Pressed the case power button. Nothing. Uhho. Pressed the motherboard power on button. Nothing. Mobo LEDs were active, but nothing else. checked cables were seated...
  4. gmodertom

    Seasonic Prime PX-850 850W - Random Shutdowns

    Hi, I built a new PC during lockdown and have had on and off issues with it randomly shutting down and re-booting. Initially it would do it on the desktop or at idle however since updating the bios/drivers that issue seems to have gone but it is now occasionally doing it during high load...
  5. Swaggy-Mcyolo

    i9 10900K + 3080 - Crashing - 1000w Seasonic or Corsair PSU ?

    Hey guys, Ive got the 10900k + 3080, 6 hdds and a AIO which works most of the time but get occasional crashes when gaming with my 750w seasonic. OCCT power test crashes after a few minutes. Its definatly the new gpu as i never had problems with the 1070 i used to have. Are either of the...
  6. PatStick

    Can i handle 2 GPU's with 650W

    Gpu 1: Gigabyte rx 5700 xt Gpu 2: Msi Armored rx 570 oc Cpu: Ryzen 7 3700x PSU: Seasonic core gold GM 650 I want to gain two hdmi slots for a new monitor and encode with the rx 570 while playing games at the rx 5700 xt. Does the PSU handle both of the cards?
  7. PatStick

    Is a 700w PSU enough to run a ryzen 7 with an rx 5700 xt?

    So i am planning to build my own new gaming pc but i am not sure if a 700w PSU is enough to run a ryzen 7 with an rx 5700 xt. Does someone now that? I heard that the Seasonic core gold GM should do the work but i am not quite sure. My full specs: Ryzen 7 2700x Gigabite rx 5700 xt Msi B450...
  8. Matei

    First gaming pc full AMD!

    Hi. I will build my first gaming pc in April. I posted a thread 2 months ago but some of the components has changed. I think that's the final build and i don't want to change anything if there are no compatibilites issues. So the pc is: -HDD WD Caviar Blue 1TB SATA3 64MB 7200RPM -AMD Ryzen 5...
  9. MadsModsat

    (Solved) Custom Cables Compatibility - Corsair AX / Seasonic Prime Ultra

    I have a very simple question, which I have somehow successfully confused myself over. So I'm hoping one of you guys might know the answer to. A couple of years ago I had a set of custom cables made specifically for my Corsair AX860 (non-i version) PSU. The cables were made to order by...
  10. ElT

    New PSU, Immediate Shutdown. (Solved)

    Seeking some help. I've just bought a Seasonic Focus Platinum 850w to replace my old PSU. The old PSU was working but it only had one 8-pin CPU/Motherboard power cable (built in) and my current motherboard has two sockets. I was running it okay with just one of them supplied but when the...
  11. uberbounty

    Seasonic RMA Turnaround?

    Hey all, Long time lurker, first time poster, so I apologise if this is the wrong place or if I mess up a little bit. Also I apologise if the formatting is awful, I’m currently typing this out on my phone. So as you can tell by the tittle, a few weeks ago my PSU (Focus PLUS Gold 550W) decided...
  12. Matmahta

    Extra SATA cable for a Seasonic PSU

    Hi, I've recently updated my rig with a new CPU, graphic card and other element while clinging to my Seasonic M12II EVO 850W that has been working like a charm since 2012. It comes with one cable with 3 connectors to connect various SATA devices, but I've got an extra HDD and a secondary SSD...
  13. kisserik93

    Use Seasonic PRIME Ultra 650 Titanium with Phanteks Enthoo Pro M TG. Is it good?

    Hi! I plan to buy a new computer case, and currently the winner is the Phanteks Enthoo Pro M TG. This pc case contains psu cover plate, so I can not put the power supply with the fan up in the case. The recommended position is fan up in the seasonic user guide. I use the power supply in hybrid...
  14. netdps

    New PSU for future build

    I am looking to complete a new build over the coming months with the following spec. Needed Intel I9-9900k NZXT Kraken X72 or EK MLC Phoenix or similar (may go full custom loop if feeling adventurous) Z390 Mobo 16gb DDR 4 Trident Z RGB (or similar) PSU Already Have Zotac 1080ti Amp Extreme...
  15. jwilliamson47

    SuperFlower Leadex II or Seasonic Prime Ultra

    Which would be the better option? Thanks.
  16. Ben643

    Failed PSU

    As of today, my PC has stopped booting (nothing has been changed for a while), it just spins the fans up for a few seconds and then turns off. I'm guessing it's the power supply (just over 5 years old). Could anyone recommend a like for like alternative power supply? I'm seriously out of date...
  17. mikedigitales

    Seasonic Focus Plus 850W ticking

    Looking for a second opinion here, hopefully there's a few other Seasonic Focus owners about today. Just unwrapped the new PSU - Seasonic Focus Plus 850W 80 Plus Gold - popped the psu tester on it to check it works before installing and doing the many, many cables. Obviously this is with...
  18. kluader

    Seasonic FOCUS Plus 550 Platinum

    Hello. I am intending to buy an Asrock B350 Pro4, a Ryzen 5 1600 and a gtx 1050ti Is this psu good enough? Is it noisy? Thx a lot.
  19. netbuddy

    Seasonic S12-II 620 Bronze extremely loud

    Hi peeps, I had to replace my Aerocool Integrator that's served me a few years as I got black screens while gaming. I got a Seasonic S12-II 620W from Amazon as I have read good reviews and it has great components inside like 105 caps etc. The PSU works great, except for one major flaw... The...
  20. Gibbo


    HI there We have being seeing a lot of customers buying high-end power supplies with their 1080Ti's, we suspect this is because they are doing system upgrades or ensuring any chance of coil whine is an absolute minimum due to the fact the 1080Ti's generally boost to over 2000MHz core which is...
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