1. Mason64

    Fujitsu MX1310 Server with a SAS 9210-8i sas card issues

    Hey after some great help on the forum i have finally ordered the sad card and cable and its arrived i have ordered the following LSI SAS 9210-8i 8-port 6Gb/s PCIe HBA RAID SATA Controller card= 9211-8I 9220-8I i have an issue that the server i am installing it in to. The server is a...
  2. Deleted member 77746

    Cloud VPS

    Hello, I thought I would just let people know about a free VPS Google are doing at the moment. You can spin up linux servers. You get £300 free credits and you can use it for as long as you have credits. If you use the default selected you can play with the services for a while without any...
  3. BongoHunter

    Home lab case options

    Hi I've got quite a few machines now, mainly midi towers and some sff / htpc stuff. I also have a rackmount switch, router and firewall. I'd like to convert it all to short depth rack mount kit and then use 2 short server racks (15u to 18u?) to support a tabletop / desktop spanning the racks -...
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