1. ristac

    Shed Base and Pallets

    We’re thinking of getting a new shed, 10x6 possibly a bit bigger. Has anyone ever used wooden pallets for a base, I’ve even seen some Euro size heavy duty plastic ones going cheap. Interested to hear from anyone who’s gone this route or considered it and encountered a problem
  2. havo

    Anyone used Ecodeck with pre levelling?

    I'm exploring using something along the lines of Ecodeck to make a temporary/permanent hardstanding over existing old concrete and concrete slabs (to put temporary shed type structure) but scratching my head about levelling options for the ecodeck. Do have a possible idea but might not work .. I...
  3. CBuel

    Garden shed - unsure of this one - advice, if poss?

    Hi all, I was hoping someone with more experience than me can help here. We are looking at buying a garden shed and this one looks OK but I am unsure what to do re the base. We have a paved path 4ft 3in in width so would this be OK or does it need extra work for a base? Also, the text in this...
  4. Super-Spy

    Furnish My Shed

    Just had a new shed delivered and assembled by Ace Sheds. Now I just need to kit it out and optimise storage space. I need to store the usual stuff like lawnmower, shovels, garden tools, strimmer, hedge trimmer etc I was thinking of a 4 to 5 shelf heavy duty shelf system and some hooks or...
  5. Buel

    Garden sheds - can you get bespoke ones?

    Hi all, Long story cut short, we have bought a new house, garden is really small but we have a passage way that is 5 ft wide and as long as the house. Bit of an odd question but I was thinking of getting a shed to fit there so it's out of the way. Any thoughts, please?
  6. shesaidyesshed

    Triangular shed...

    Hi all, having recently retired I'm trying to turn my hand to a few odd jobs. Planters, tick, bird table, tick, raised borders, tick. Now I have identified a space for a shed and am busily reading up on what will be my first ever 'proper' construction... but the problem is, the space I have will...
  7. Michael1975

    Shed advice!

    Hi All Just after a bit of advice if possible. I've got a shed arriving next week and have levelled my ground as best as I can and am using an ecodeck base. When I lay the ecodeck and check levels it is mostly even but in a few areas it is showing up as uneven, but no more than a cm or so...
  8. Mac22

    Shed Base on Clay Soil

    Hi, First post here any help greatly appreciated. I am installing a fairly basic 6x4' garden shed. I really don't want to go with concrete base, but I see a lot of conflicting information about what can/should be done. A bit more info: - Nothing heavier that lawnmower being stored - current...
  9. snappyfish

    LV Log Cabins

    I have just completed a house purchase after 5 months so now thinking of going ahead with log cabin purchase. I see LV cabins all come with a 28mm floor and double glazing and seem a good price. Im looking for 18ft x 12ft Wall Thickness - 44mm Floor Thickness - 28mm Roof Thickness - 19mm...
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