1. gmodertom

    Seasonic Prime PX-850 850W - Random Shutdowns

    Hi, I built a new PC during lockdown and have had on and off issues with it randomly shutting down and re-booting. Initially it would do it on the desktop or at idle however since updating the bios/drivers that issue seems to have gone but it is now occasionally doing it during high load...
  2. Kenpachi2k

    3080TI Founders Edition unexpected shutdown issue

    After recieving my 3080TI Founders Edition, I have come across an issues when running the GPU at load (playing a game + streaming) my computer just unexpectedly shut down - 4 shut downs within the span of 2hrs, event viewer doesn't really help me as much as I don't understand what things are but...
  3. 19awozniak


    Hi, I bought couple of weeks ago an AIO cooler for my setup and I have encounter several problems with it, although I managed to sort out most of the issues, I am still stuck with one. What happens is when I boot up my pc for the first time in a day, the AIO doesnt seem to cool my cpu at all...
  4. nickf23

    Mystery GPU shutdowns

    Morning all . Need advice . I have a full custom water loop on my PC . Started to get GPU errors when gaming , games would freeze , sound would fail and sometimes PC would crash off . Stripped system , sent MOBO and CPU back to supplier as tests on test bench seemed to point to these being an...
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