1. jj007

    Palit GTX 1650 Super - So noisy - No Fanstop feature! How to slience?

    Hi All, I need advice on how to silence my brand new Palit GFX 1650 Super, (its driving me nuts!), - Apply some software wizardry - Replace with an aftermarket Artic Cooler - Bite the bullet and get a new Palit GTX 1650 KalmX fanless. I rarely play PC games now so I would be happy if I can...
  2. Quartz

    Project: silence that d*** PC!

    By throwing lots of money at the problem. With the Nofan CPU cooler, my PC is pretty quiet but the constant low noise, not to mention the GPU sounding like a dishwasher really gets to me. Maybe it's my tinnitus but I had to do something. This was my setup Then I added my Acer Nitro 4K and...
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