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  1. A G

    TV on wall and PS4 & Sky box under stairs

    Hello everyone, Need some advice. I've stripped my house so now is a good time to do this, but unsure how practical. I want to put my equipment, namely PS4 and Sky Box under the stairs and place my TV on the wall in the living room. Spoke to my builder he said he can do it but I need to supply...
  2. Jeff Bannister

    Wierd switch behaviour with Sky Q Router

    Hi, I've been having a strange issue with my internet connection for about 5 months now. Over time I've thought the root cause of issue to be many things and have tried various different solutions none of which fix the problem. So, right now I bought a new unmanaged switch (NetGear 24port...
  3. ssmacc

    Powerline Networking Recomandations

    Hello All, I'm a little clueless when it comes to performance and Powerline Networking, i know its dependent to some extent on the wiring but specifications of the Powerline plug is obviously a big factor. Could someone recommend me a pair? Used to supply the internet and network between 2...
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