1. P33r

    Create own atx 24 pin cable

    Hi, i wanna create my own 24pin atx cable and sleeve it, I have Bought every thing needed. When i look at a extension The cables are straight to contacts(24pin), thats make me Wonder If its The same to 20+4 atx cable. Wich is The contact i Bought. Thankfull for help. Sorry for my english
  2. WantoN

    Advice on Custom SATA cables

    I’m sorting all the cabling and connectors for an upcoming project. For most of my custom cables I use MDPC-X sleeve and black silicon wire, generally 18AWG (I tend to re-use wire when making custom fan cables). So I’ve got a few LEDs I’d like to power via SATA, a connector I’ve never worked...
  3. Space Monkey

    What size MDPC sleeving for EKWB D5 wires?

    Hi guys, I've just received the following from OCUK: I want to sleeve the molex wires and also the smaller taco wire (3 pin fan wire). Any idea what size sleeving I need for both of these along...
  4. toby.roberts

    Splicing PSU (24 pin connector) cables?

    I'm currently rebuilding an old pc, and thought I'd jazz it up a bit, so have been sleeving all the power supplycables. Unfortunately, whilst trying to remove one of the pins from the 24-pin connector, the pin broke and I had to cut it off as it wouldn't stay in the housing. I'm under a bit of...
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