slow benchmark

  1. SarahWild

    Zotac 3090 seems slow

    Hey all, Does anyone else feel the 3090 is slow? I have 64gb RAM, 3900X, 2560x1440 and in metro everything on extreme I get a whole 60-80 FPS. In 3D mark I am getting 12452 in Port Royal and 17526 in Time Spy. I came from a 1080 FE. The card is boosting with stock settings to 1900mhz +...
  2. horrockskid

    Bad scores on benchmarks, help!

    I have done a benchmark test on my PC after realising it is running slower than any other 1070 ti build, the results say that my RAM, CPU and GPU are all running slow, anybody got any advice/suggestions on how I should go about fixing this? Thanks in advance :) .
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