smoke alarms

  1. DB_SamX

    Replacing "expired" and discontinued wired smoke alarm

    There is a wired smoke alarm in my flat which was built in 2012. The smoke alarm is a BRK670MBX, with a replacement date of July 2020. It consists of a base which is screwed into my ceiling, and the unit itself, which twists-locks into the base...
  2. Quartz

    Interlinked alarms

    What do people recommend for interlinked smoke and heat alarms? Wee Kelpie has decreed that we Jocks must not only have a certain number of alarms but those alarms must be interlinked. I have history with the Fire Brigades so I'm glad to see the insistence on having these alarms, but while I'm...
  3. Kainz

    Smoke Alarms - why have they moved to inbuilt fixed cells?

    Hey all, One of our upstairs landing FireAngel ST-622's started beeping away earlier and I recall being displeased with the thing when we had it fitted a year ago - it was a free service from our local fire services. I am not a fan of these alarms with 'non user replaceable 10yr' batteries or...
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