1. Doctor McNinja

    [SPEC ME] Flux paste for electronics / SMD stuff, that isn't too expensive.

    TL;DR I'm after some flux paste for use with electronics. I'd prefer something that's easy to work with / doesn't require scraping and diluting with IPA, and if possible... I'd like to keep it under £5. And the cherry on the cake would be not having to wait a month for it to come from China...
  2. Michael2000

    F1 Thrustmaster paddle fix

    Bought a f1 add on wheel online and came damaged, right up shift doesn’t work. I don’t have access to a iron kit. Does anyone maybe have any ideas on a alternative or someone who sells the shifters already Iron on to the electrical board?
  3. WantoN

    Advice on Custom SATA cables

    I’m sorting all the cabling and connectors for an upcoming project. For most of my custom cables I use MDPC-X sleeve and black silicon wire, generally 18AWG (I tend to re-use wire when making custom fan cables). So I’ve got a few LEDs I’d like to power via SATA, a connector I’ve never worked...
  4. mizushinzui

    Cartridge Battery Enclosure Replacement

    Hey guys, So I've been meaning to fix up some of my older cartridge based games that require the battery to be replaced so you can save. I know that I can get some pretty soldered batteries on ebay that will do the job and that are pretty cheap. However these batteries are from China which...
  5. LMRB

    Motherboard internal video mod.

    Hello people, I'm wanting to build a briefcase pc. I've seen some good builds but there's one thing that most don't go into or don't do, and I just wanted some comments/advice. This case would have a monitor installed, but I want the ability to connect to extra ones as well, so there's a few...
  6. toby.roberts

    Splicing PSU (24 pin connector) cables?

    I'm currently rebuilding an old pc, and thought I'd jazz it up a bit, so have been sleeving all the power supplycables. Unfortunately, whilst trying to remove one of the pins from the 24-pin connector, the pin broke and I had to cut it off as it wouldn't stay in the housing. I'm under a bit of...
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