1. L0stpr0phet

    Corsair SP120 Fan Rings

    Hey guys, I'm building a system for my son and ended up picking up some 2nd hand parts which included 2 SP120 fans. He really wants a red themed system but u fortunately the fans only came with the blue rings attached. Does anyone know where I can source some red ones from? Or would anyone like...
  2. SwanStarGamer

    6 fans - 3 HD120 fans, 3 SP120 fans, and Corsair RGB lighting node

    I've got the Corsair 570x case which comes with 3 SP120 fans and an RGB controller for the fans. The controller has space for 3 more SP120 fans, but I'm adding 3 HD120 fans to the build instead (they wont go on the controller because it only takes SP120s!). I'm also adding the RGB lighting node...
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