1. doggo

    Long overdue new build budget £1.5k

    Afternoon all, or whatever time of day it is :) I've been having some problems with my current aging system for a while and after a morning looking on OCUK I've decided to bite the bullet and build a new machine. I'm looking for something with a reasonably good spec as I do the odd bit of...
  2. Super Gebio

    Please check my spec!

    Will this all work? i7-8900k MSI GeForce rtx 2080Ti MSI gaming m5 Z370 g skill tridentz rgb series 32gb samsung 970 pro 1tb 3Tb seagate barracuda sata thermaltake view 31 750w rm psu Should I get a Z390 mobo and if so which one? Do I need another cooling component? Thank you!
  3. computeruser

    New gaming PC - spec check

    Hi all After only having a laptop for the last few years I'm looking to build a new gaming PC. I'm aiming to build it once then keep it for at least 3-5 years, so am looking for reliable components I won't have to fix or change too often. I've put my requirements and current planned specs...
  4. Lewis Bailey

    SPEC REQUEST/CHECK for Video/photo editing/gaming

    Hey guys, Planning on building my first ever PC! I wondered if somebody would be so kind as to look over my specifications. My main purpose for the build is for high quality adobe video/photo editing, however I do love games and may upgrade at some point to make it a high-performance gaming PC...
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