1. James E

    Best desktop under £3000

    Hi Guys, What Pre-built or custom PC spec would you recommend, for best performance up to £3000? I mainly play X-Plane 11, Gta V, Euro truck etc. I also want it to be pretty future proof for things such as the new Microsoft flight simulator. Any advice on a build that fits those requirements...
  2. Lewis Bailey

    SPEC REQUEST/CHECK for Video/photo editing/gaming

    Hey guys, Planning on building my first ever PC! I wondered if somebody would be so kind as to look over my specifications. My main purpose for the build is for high quality adobe video/photo editing, however I do love games and may upgrade at some point to make it a high-performance gaming PC...
  3. Noman khan

    Gaming Computer PC Specs

    I want to buy a new gaming computer/pc for under 150 and be able to play fortnite around 45-60 fps at medium settings. I found this one: £149 Processor Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 @ 3.00GHz Ram 8GB DDR3 Graphic Card 2GB Nvidia GT710 VGA & HDMI What fps would i be able to get with this? Any...
  4. greentea

    PC Build Specs - Thoughts?

    I have a budget of £1300 and it's for gaming. I was thinking of changing CPU to i7-7700. Any thoughts overall? Thanks :) CPU - Ryzen 6 core MOTHERBOARD - AM4 B350 with latest memory BIOS RAM - 16 gig of 3200MHz memory STORAGE HD - 2TB drive OS HD - 240gig Solid State Drive CASE - Discreet black...
  5. KaiM

    First PC, ideal first specs and price

    I'm looking to get more into PC gaming, and have found a PC with the the following specs - apologies if any of it seems to make little sense, I am unsure if it is all necessary, but I don't want to miss any parts -out in case they turn out to be vital- for £950 (including a Samsung 1ms 24''...
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