1. Phill Most Chill

    Replacing a basic room stat.

    Hello I am trying to replace old mechanic Honeywell thermostat for what the manufacturer says is a universal Honeywell DT90E and should be suitable for all boilers. However after swapping the stats, DT90E did not communicate with the boiler and I had to swap back to the old stat. The manual...
  2. NotoriousScare

    returning/ swapping wrong items

    i recently bought a glossy white model o, I meant to buy the matte white model o- is there anyway i can get the mouse swapped, its in perfect condition and i've not used it other than to test it out.
  3. IXLeere

    Obnoxiously high SWAP usage recently - ways to reverse?

    Hey, I'm hoping I've got this in the right place, I'm not too good with hardware. Recently I've been having frequent blue screens on my two year old Win10 gaming rig, and all the codes (MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, CACHE_MANAGER, BAD_POOL_HEADER) seem to point to RAM issues. It's been running fine as...
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