1. JoeBloggs199136

    Noctua NH-D15 for i9-9900K 5.0Ghz?

    Hello, I am currently tussling between going AMD or Intel for my next build and I have a question pertaining to the i9-9900K. If I got it I would probably be overclocking it to 5.0Ghz for maximum performance. I would probably be going for an all air-cooled system, using the Fractal Design...
  2. simond1

    aorus 1080ti xtreme temps

    hi i got my new pc a few days ago adn when playing battlefield 1 my gpu temps hit 84 degrees on stock fan settings, is this normal? as it seems to bee heating up my case as well, with my fans at 100% the temps go down to 66/67 degrees and cpu at under 40 degrees - im running bf1 at 4k, 120fps...
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