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  1. [FnG]magnolia

    I don't care for it, or do I?

    Sony Walkman Mega Bass. Cassette, thank you. 4/5 when I was in high school but now, in a meeting? Someone's having an harprischord! Ain't they! 5/5 Bass Rumble | 1/5 Sound profile | 10/5 me listening to it Oh no.
  2. Egn96M

    Home Network Design Sense Check

    Hello all, I’m planning on laying network cables while my flat is being renovated and would like a second opinion on my plan. Overview: I’ve got 2x PCs in Bedroom 2. There is a smart TV in the Sitting Room. My fiber entry point is on the back of the house. There is a risk this will need to...
  3. MythEnvoy

    Important: Is this system capable?

    I am going to build my own system and want to be certain that what I've got planned will work so I don't meet future problems. Could someone maybe look over this system to see if it all fits together. I've looked up on the website of all manufactures to see if they fit together and for what I...
  4. Connor Clegg

    Help for a clueless idiot (first ever PC).

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking at buying my first ever PC for gaming after my t.v broke and I fell out of love with my Xbox (shock). However, I am l completely clueless on anything to do with PC's and despite my many attempts of 'getting up-to-scratch' - I just can't get my head around the...
  5. Charlotteeeee

    Help for masters student

    Hello, I am currently studying Forensic Psychology at Coventry University. I am recruiting participants for my research project on public opinion on crime. I am writing the ask for individuals to take a moment of your time to complete a questionnaire on your personal thoughts on crime. The...
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