1. Apone3k

    Asus 3080 advise

    What is everyone’s opinion on the Asus 3080 ? I like the idea of having 2 HDMI ports and this is the cheapest that has them. I not interested in lights or any other cosmetics. This card...
  2. Klitschk0

    Thoughts and advice please?

    My last build was in 2012 and that was an i5-3570K and 670 GTX which was a monster in its day but because of life and children I haven't until now been able to get back into gaming, after a bit of research I have decided on these parts but would love some thoughts and advice from the guys who...
  3. Martin Lundberg

    Which waterblock + system

    Hi all I'm thinking on trying out some water blocks from EK, and i've been looking into the following: 1) EK-SUPREMACY THREADRIPPER (NICKEL+ACETAL) 2) EK-MLC PHOENIX THREADRIPPER and to go with these once; - RES X3 250 Reservoir - Mayhems Ultra Clear Tubing (3/8 - 1/2) 16/10mm Tubing -...
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