1. JM98

    TP-Link as main with Zyxel LTE7480 outdoor router/antenna - don't get it

    I use the TP-link VR2800 as my main DSL router. as my broadband is intermittent, I have bought a Zyxel LTE7480 outdoor router/antenna and want to connect this to the TP-LINK. I want to keep the TP-Link as my main router and have therefor DHCP activated there and have switched it off on the...
  2. itm

    TP-Link TL-SG1016D switch works in one room but not in another ???!

    I've had a TL-SG1016D switch in my lounge for the last 3 years. It has my AV devices connected to it (HTPC, TV, Humax PVR, IP camera, etc), and is up-linked to a TP-Link TL-SG2424 in my study, via a CAT6 cable running around the outside of the house. It's been working fine until today, when all...
  3. testlink

    Which WiFi Access point should I buy?

    I am looking for a Wireless access point. I have a broadband connection downstairs and Ethernet point in my upstair bedroom. Rather than extending the wifi, I am looking to get the max out of my cable broadband connection. So I would need to connect the wired cable broadband connection to a...
  4. jj007

    SKY broadband (PPPoA) - Drops connection every night - Why?

    Hi All, I subscribe to SKY broadband, ADSL (copper phone line). I upgraded my sagem F@ast 2304N to a TP-Link Archer VR2800 two weeks ago. The broadband connection is dropped at some point in the small hours every night and in the morning I have to reboot the router by switching the power off and...
  5. Harnser

    TP-Link Omada EAPs and cloud controller

    There's a lot of love for Unifi on these forums, which it has thoroughly earned. However I keep running across ads for TP-Link's Omada mesh system. It's cheaper, it's got ugly APs, and has anyone experience with it? How does it perform compared to Ubiquiti kit?
  6. benparker

    4G Routers

    So after moving properties and having to pay a heft cancellation fee to Hyperoptic (landlord issues) I've decided against to try a 4G sim and router combo. Just over a year ago I bought an unlimited data Smarty SIM and the TP-Link Archer MR200 router. Not sure why chose it over a Huawei. For the...
  7. Proudarse

    Unifi AC Pro vs TP-Link RE650

    Hi All, I have my eye on the Unifi AC Pro but have also come across the TP-Link RE650 which is a wifi extender but can be used as an access point connected with an Ethernet cable directly to my router. Would someone be...
  8. Conscript

    BT Smart Hub 6 / Powerline Adapter Conflicts

    I'm wondering if anyone can help shed any light on this, or has had a similar experience. I have BT Infinity and have been having a very weird problem lately. The broadband connection is fine, utterly stable, whenever I'm using any wireless device, or any of the devices plugged directly into the...
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