1. fesershapiny21

    Underclocking not working

    Hi , My graphics card goes up to about 95°C on the memory (3080Ti therefore GDDR6X) see 100°C (but I did a little dusting so we are at 94/95°C in game) Note we are in a heat wave and with 28 degrees in the apartment and 32 outside I am in “extreme” conditions Already is it too hot? Or is this...
  2. tjwally89

    Help Needed - Underclocking Ram 3200Mhz to 2666Mhz - Timings

    Hi, Just picked up a set of corsair vengence lpx ram sticks at 3200Mhz CL16 with the timings 16-20-20-38 (to my surprise it is the E die model :-( so looking to adjust the timings). I know you can set the timings differently but just looking for some help on what timings and voltages to set...
  3. Zig13

    RX 5700 XT Undervolting - Confusing results

    Got myself a RX 5700 XT and thought I'd spend the weekend tweaking it to find a nice sweet spot. The stock setting reported by WattMan was 2054MHz@1173mV. Stock TimeSpy score was 8702. My first mistake was using the Mankind Divided benchmark to test stability. I had the card 'stable' (3...
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