uninterrupted power supplies

  1. kuddo

    Is a 800VA / 480w UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) enough for the PS5 ?

    Hello, Knowing that the PS5 is still pretty sensitive to sudden power drops (whilst turned on or in rest mode) I decided that I should buy a UPS. I found a good bargain for a brand new 800VA / 480w UPS and I was wondering if it is enough so that I can safely turn off the PS5 until the power is...
  2. Zarathuztra

    Recommendations for UPS to cover 2 PCs

    Unfortunately my new home has a bit of trouble with power outages.. So I would like to get a UPS to prevent PCs from shutting off when this occurs. I have two PCs I would like to hook up and at least make sure one of my monitors and my router is on the battery backup. So I would hope to have 4...
  3. locrieth

    Uninterrupted Power Supply Advise

    Hi all, Just looking for a bit of advice regarding purchasing a UPS for my home server and network. At present I have a Dell R420 with dual 550 Watt PSUs which run a windows server 2016 VM and a Sophos UTM VM, a Cisco SG300 24 POE switch (which runs 3 POE APs and a CCTV IP camera), a Virgin...
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