1. Christo

    ITX or mATX with multi M2 slots

    I am looking at building a new UNRAID rig since my existing one is so noisy with x4 spinning HDDs so want to make an SSD/NVME alternative but having issues finding a future proof board. Does anyone know of an ITX or mATX mobo with x4 M2 slots? Ideally not expensive (ha). Needs to cater for a...
  2. spoiler

    NAS build - any good!

    Hello, I’m looking to build an Unraid box to replace an old Synology NAS. Use case is for Docker/VMs, file storage, maybe video editing - kept in a cupboard so i skipped the dedicated graphics card. Having read many pages, watched videos I’ve currently got this parts list (it’s pricey, but...
  3. shaf

    New homeserver build, which OS?

    Hi, I'm building a new homeserver build and would like some advise on which OS to choose. I'm quite familiar with most of them and just want to make the right choice for my needs. I currently have an xpenology box which I am replacing and which is running on a 10gbe network. My use cases...
  4. Christo

    Powerline + server routing

    Hi, I want to improve my hone network latency, primarily for my network shares from UNRAID but also overall (a proper wired connection isnt possible without a huge amount of work). Currently I use a powerline connection from my unraid server to the router, this is pretty simple. But what I...
  5. Bikerznet

    CPU and Motherboard for UnRaid

    Hi I am looking at building a UnRaid server and am looking at recommendations for the CPU, Motherboard and amount of memory. I will be using the server as a media server with the following dockers. Sabnzbd, Sonarr, Radarr and Plex. I will not be using virtual machines. The plex will not...
  6. 4Qman

    Anyone here using Unraid on Ryzen or latest Intel CPUs

    I am looking at upgrade options, mainly VMs and dockers, mainly looking at ryzen due to cost. Anyone have experience here at Ocuk with ryzen or latest Intel cpus.
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