1. GinGo

    uPlay updating games.

    Quick little question which i'm sure i'll feel like an idiot once i get an answer. When updating games on uPlay, i get the option of what i can only assume is the normal game and then one that says (Vulkan), I've always chose the normal part but not sure if it makes a difference or anything i...
  2. ic1male

    Uplay speed limiting (due to Corona) --- NO they are not (yet)

    I know PlayStation has said on the record they are working with ISPs to reduce download speeds in EU and US so everyone can still get access but has Ubisoft joined in? I can't get higher than 4.2MB/sec from Uplay PC with Sky. Anyone else on a different ISP get the same thing?
  3. ic1male

    Ubisoft subscription - Uplay+

    UBISOFT SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE UNLIMITED ACCESS TO 100+ GAMES ON PC. Try it for Free Between September 3rd - 30th* *Limited time offer. Sign up before August 15 2019. Restrictions apply. *One free trial per Ubisoft Account from September 3rd to 30th, 2019. To begin free trial, you must provide a...
  4. WantoN

    Is there such a thing?

    Is there a single launcher I can use for all my Game Libraries? Twitch, Origin, Steam, UPlay, GoG etc That knows not only the DLC and skins I own, but also knows of the perks I’ve picked up through Twitch Prime etc The crux is that said launcher would need an iOS app or a website where I could...
  5. Willir

    Need a graphics card upgrade

    I have been away from the PC gaming scene for a while and recently wanted to get back into it. I am also a games development student at university and need a new graphics card to cope with the 3D modelling/animation work. I roughly have a budget of £200 and would want something that will be...
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