1. Simian

    Help! Why is my upload speed so S-L-O-W

    I've recently move back into the Stone Age 'Broadband Wise' Only Copper available, serving me 2-6meg down and only 0.35meg upload!! Not enough for today's modern online life! Swindon is getting Full Fibre (Fibrehop and TalkTalk) but it's not available in my area just yet! So... I've moved over...
  2. Sir Stallion

    Slow upload

    I just solved my GPU issues and now I have a slow upload problem. All devices in my household seem to be receiving around 20mbps upload but my new build seems to only reach between 1-4Mb upload. Any ideas guys, this is wired in to the router but even on wireless it’s the same. Speed test on...
  3. ssmacc

    Best ISP for upload? (anything above 20mb?)

    Hello, I've just cancelled Sky and lost the broadband as well although I was very happy with it (long story). I'm a big Plex user so upload speed is a big factor in my next ISP, I'm in a cabled area so could have virgin. From what I can see 19mb upload is as good as I can get? Is there anyone...
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