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  1. Hammerhead1914

    Used car mis-described. What recourse do I have?

    Hi all, I bought a modified Ford RS. The trader who sold it to me works for as/a garage and had good reviews. The sale has gone through a private bank account via BACS. It's apparently sold as seen but I was issued no receipt or paperwork except for a V5 doc that was still registered to a...
  2. tacticalx86

    13 year old car has 8 MOT faliures

    Evening all, Looking at this car tommorow...
  3. Family_Guy81

    Family car for under £20K (used). Audi vs. Skoda?

    I need to buy a used car in the next six months to replace my old VW Golf diesel, and need some advice: - Budget is max £20K. Criteria is car needs to be automatic and petrol. - Mileage is around 10K per yr, and car will be used for town driving, weekend getaways and holidays. - I have a 3 &...
  4. Hussain

    Used Fiesta 1.5k to 2 k budget suggestion please

    New in the country looking for used car in london using it for packages delivery or sales Cheap to insure Cheap tax Cheap to maintian
  5. Qazqaz

    Running a Dealership Website

    Bit of a moan coming, so bare with me! Midlands-based, salesman. Is anyone here responsible for listing cars on their website? I'm just intrigued as to how much time is spent in this industry doing the menial tasks rather than focusing on selling cars, or improving a sales team? I've worked in...
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