1. kosymodo

    USG clients activity through LAN connection reporting as 0bps

    I'm having fun with my new USG setup, it's fascinating having a better insight into the goings on in my network. However, I have a quick question... For all my WiFi clients, I can see their activity (activity, activity down, activity up). However, for my wired clients, this information is all...
  2. GamingSheep

    SKY Fiber + Draytek Vigor 130 + USG 3P Help?

    So i just decided to unifi my home using a draytek modem the vigor 130 i've set up all the unifi gear and got all that working using my ISP combo unit and now that i want to switch over to my new modem (Vigor 130) im a little stuck, For refrence im with SKY so i heard its abit trickey im also...
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