1. ElT

    PCI-e v4 card on PCI-e v3 board. Performance loss?

    I decided to take the plunge on a Sapphire 7900XT (not the Pulse). I only have a PCI-E v3 motherboard, not a v4. This will still be alright wont it? It's backwards compatible and...
  2. SpinyNorman

    Shipping BIOS version for ASUS PRIME B660M-A WIFI D4?

    Hi all does anyone know what version BIOS is shipping with this motherboard from ocuk please? I'm building an 15-12400 system for my daughter & need to check if I have to buy a cheap celeron to do it myself, or ash for flash from ocuk if they do that, as it doesn't have flashback. Cheers!
  3. h24821807

    Acer Predator XB281HK HDCP Version

    Hello all, I hope you guys can shed some light on this monitor. It is a 4k monitor that I am looking into at the moment. However, it seems that most of the manufacturer like to keep the HDCP version of a monitor as a "trade secret". Although some of the will say "Yes. it has HDCP" but they not...
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