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  1. che_jami

    Flat Worlds - Space Tycoon Game

    Hi, I'm a solo dev who's be working on a game called Flat Worlds for 2 years. It's a bit different to other VR games, being a transport-tycoon-style game set in space. Here's a trailer of the game I'm working on: It's available now on Steam and the Oculus Store in Early Access.
  2. VRFocus

    VRFocus Weekly VR Round-Up (06/07/18)

    Here's a selection of news and features from this week's content on VRFocus. GAMES NEWS: Beat Saber, SUPERHOT and Skyrim are among the top selling SteamVR titles of 2018 so far. And speaking of SteamVR it's a "thriving marketplace" according to Valve. You can now get Moss for free with a...
  3. VRFocus

    VRFocus Weekly VR Round-Up (29/06/18): Oculus Save $250M, Disney's Made A VR Short & MUCH More...

    Been a little while thanks to illness and events but here's a round-up of things this week across VR and some AR as well. GAMES NEWS: ARK Park's first free DLC is out, which revolves around flight. Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Two arrives. The developers of Pokémon GO are buying a...
  4. Seven Wolves Studio

    Slice and dice! Zanshin VR. Sword fight simulator

    We want present to you our game Zanshin. Zanshin is a hardcore sword fighting simulator, where you can test yourself in challenging sword fights. Try your agility, reaction, speed. Move, block and strike your enemies down and then slice them into thousand pieces. Fight with hundred waves of...
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