vr uses

  1. Born2BSlow

    Paradrop VR

    The company I'm working for recently started shipping these around the world, had to FAT test a unit so I volunteered to have a go just to help out, as you would don't you know. It's a paragliding simulator which uses an Oculus Rift...bloody good fun! Not my worst day at work ever got to...
  2. roby90_25

    Purchase advice

    Hi guys, I wanna buy a vr headset but i’m not really sure if should i go for an oculus rift at 399 or with a vive at 499.The space where i will play it’s 2mt x 2mt.What advice would you give me. Thank you
  3. computer2268

    Virtual reality - so many barely tapped uses

    Many years ago (before VR was a consumer reality) I imagined that when it came it would be used for education, the virtual office (with finger-tracking over a virtual keyboard), virtual shopping (the IKEA is using it - but not yet Amazon or Walmart or Tesco). My question is this: why? Or rather...
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