1. overthinker

    Do better VRMs substantially reduce the chances of coil whine?

    My current motherboard (MSI Z590 PRO WIFI) has coil whine even under modest load (for example, scrolling in Chrome). The noise definitely comes from the VRM area. Compared to some of the more expensive MBs, my MB has rather modest VRM (12+2 virtual phases, 6+2 real phases, RT3609BE...
  2. FleekoPing

    MotherBoard Choice - New Build

    Hello Everyone :) “Context” : Ive just recently gotten myself back into the swing of building PCs again and jumped straight for the deep end of sff PCs and ITX builds for the fun and challenges. Im also planning to custom loop this build as it would be my main PC for myself ranging from gaming...
  3. LukeMurtagh1995

    Question about VRMs.

    Hi, Just a quick technical question about motherboards. How important are the number of power phases a motherboard has? For examples I am looking at the Z490 Gigabyte Aorus Master and Xtreme. The former has 14 phases whilst the latter has 16 phases. What difference would you all expect to see...
  4. Alsone

    Some interesting Motherboard Tests of VRM Stages

    Some interesting motherboard tests of the VRM power stages here. Looks as if you really get what you pay for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOSFX2tHDcE and at the cheaper end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7PkZwY9PWM
  5. MBPMatt

    Need asus maximus advice for a newbie

    I'm building my first PC unaided, and have no experience with liquid cooling at all. I've ordered all the bits I think I need. I've opted for a corsair h115i pro kit for the CPU and have a Asus rog maximus x formula motherboard on the way. Can anybody give some advice / recommendations on the...
  6. username_uniq

    VRM MSI B450-A PRO

    Hi I wanna know what VRM does the MSI B450-A PRO have and how does it compare to Mortar's VRM. Does it have doubled hi/lo fets as well? And how can I know what components does any motherboard have for that matter? Is there a website with a database about all the components found in a...
  7. J_Wildfire_T

    x299 MSI XPower AC VRM Cooling? (CLOSED)

    Does anyone own or know of a cooling solution for the VRMs on this board over the stock cooler. Unfortunately EK dont plan to make Monoblocks for this board but im curious of compatibility or alternate ideas. I plan a modest CPU overclock but nothing too crazy and im concerned about VRM temps...
  8. jwilliamson47

    How Good is the Gigabyte Z370 Ultra Gaming 2.0 VRM?

    Hi, Just wondering how improved the VRM is on the 2.0 edition? Thanks.
  9. Matkinson

    R9 290 - Coil Whine (Ferrite broken from inductor?)

    Hi, This is quite a specific one, and google doesn't seem to give me any answers so I fully understand if no-one can help me here. :P Took apart my R9 290 MSI, noticed the end inductor (Magic R19) the top of it (ferrite?) had come unglued and is stuck to the thermal pad covering the row of...
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