1. Jay85

    The XProto Project - AquaFusion, Vertical, Chrome, Industrial.

    I'm finally delving into the realm of open frames! I've been missing my Evolv Shift X with its vertical layout but remembered how much of a pain it was to configure and get right, which also subsequently made cooling abit pants if i had internal rads fitted. There is no difference with this...
  2. 5ketch

    Need help on fittings

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum but not PC building. Quick question I'm bulding this rig featured on jayz yt channel: https://youtu.be/5ZnDESqJdyU Was wondering what fittings he has used in the picture below: https://pasteboard.co/K257pve.jpg I thought they were extenders but corsair don't...
  3. Bobzen

    Asus 3090 EKWB power limited compared to Strix?

    Hi there! So I'm Currently looking for a new 3090 card and i have been looking at the asus strix 3090 oc but the thing is I'm going to put a EK Waterblock on it and i see people saying i will void my warranty so i found the asus 3090 EKWB but i see it only has 2x8 pin connectors compared to the...
  4. creyD

    New Layout for our Loop

    The guys from ScuffedTubing™ are back, this time I just want to check this layout we created real quick, to make sure that we are on the right track: https://imgur.com/a/lSHuwQq This would be the layout, hardware stays the same for now, Distro Plate is the O11D-G1 one, we will use 90° Angles...
  5. B5NBM

    The Widowmaker - SUW Build (named because she will kill me for spending this much lol)

    Hey all, hope you are keeping well. Whilst we have been stuck in, my birthday came round so treated myself to a setup upgrade. I have also upgraded the CPU to pair better with the 2080 Super but after that the PC was pretty much where i wanted it so i turned focus to monitors as i was gaming...
  6. Finley Giles

    16 Year Old Watercooled Mega Build

    Hello all, I'm 16 years old and decided I wanted a gaming / work pc. So the grueling task of looking at parts and comparing specifications started. I started to look into water cooling, this didn't take my fancy to start with but the more I looked into it the more desiring it became. I'm...
  7. SkittlesRandom

    Overheating Watercooling loop? - Please Help

    Hi All, First time poster on the forums but long time lurker. I have recently decided to take the plunge and build my own watercooling loop after many years of building pcs on air and having a room that heats up like an oven. The issue is my GPU is currently running what i believe is way too...
  8. David Quigley

    £7000 water cooled Budget

    Looking for something based around a water cooled threadripper, want water cooled graphics cards, enough ability to future proof for the next 10 years. Needs to be able to run all games, simulators, Autocad, rendering etc with capacity to spare. I also want it to be as quiet as possible. Best...
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