1. A G

    New cat 6 wiring in house

    Hello My builder has run a number of cat 6 cables from my rooms to the router, but he has now just told me he wont be doing anything at the router end to the cables. He also claimed from the 10 or so wires a cat6 has you only need to use a few. He has said I will need to get someone out to do...
  2. A G

    New house wiring - Broadband and CCTV

    Hi All, Going through a full refurb of my house. Even though I have not moved in, it appears for the electrician to know where the phone line will be installed by which ever broadband provider I go with, I need to take out a BB service, so he can run my Cat 6 cables from the various rooms I...
  3. the-sampled_inc

    How to wire guitar with 4 way selector and push pull ?.

    Thought I might ask this here after seeing this old post. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/forums/threads/guitar-wiring-help.18731300/ Recently got a few upgrades for my telecaster with the intention of putting the pickups out of phase with a 4 way selector switch and also splitting the hotrails...
  4. Frasier013

    Wiring Hive receiver

    I'm about to start wiring up our new Hive receiver to replace an old receiver (not a Hive) and whilst the wiring seems simple, i'm not 100% certain where wires A and B should go? I thought A should go in to 1, and B should go in to 3? This is the old receiver, obviously still wired in. And...
  5. chris1981r

    Wiring Combi Boiler Worcester Greenstar 8000 life with Danfoss RX1, please help Read more: https:/

    Where to connect COM wire and ON wire form DX1 with Worcester Boiler terminal strip below
  6. GTiPUG

    New house - Wiring rooms - CAT5e vs CAT6 vs CAT7?

    In the process of buying a house. It's a reasonably new build (5 years old) and currently only has a master phone socket, no ethernet. I'm planning on getting a contractor in to wire the place with ethernet, from the downstairs master socket up to each of the three bedrooms. One of those...
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