1. daveyb

    Project ilogic [Dual 1366 Xeon Rig]

    Project ilogic - named after the relatively illogical component/platform choice, and a short lived Spanish electronic group from 96. This isn’t a build log per say in the sense it’s already built and running solid, more of a log consisting of all the part choices that led up to its current...
  2. OpenSourcePirate

    Overclocking Memory on x58: x5670 / Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600

    Hi, I'm having some issues getting my system(s) to post and hold the settings set in bios for memory "overclocks". (But we are talking very modest overclocks here.) The systems appear to boot fine, the settings are just not applied. The background to this is that I have had 2 x58 systems lying...
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