1. acer0169

    Help with 128GB Overclocking - looking for 3000MHz+

    Long story short, I have my new machine up and running with a 1950X, 128GB G.SKILL kit, on a Zenith Extreme MB. I've slowly tried to get the memory somewhere close to it's rating speed (3600MHz) but I know running at full-beans is asking a bloody lot from 128GB. I've got my eyes on at least...
  2. Herbertmt

    ROG Zenith Extreme fault - Q-code 68, twice!

    Hi Guys, Just built a new system - Specs essentially 2x 1080TIs, 1950X, Rog Zenith, 64 GB Corsair dominator RAM, 2 X NVME SSDs.. So story starts with attempt one - got it all working, filled up the CPU loop and then went onto getting 8 DIMMs working (we all know this never happens first go so...
  3. mus

    Clean Glass Paneled Case for Zenith Extreme

    Hey all. I'm planning on getting a Threadripper/Vega system based around the Zenith Extreme motherboard, and I need some suggestions for cases with a max budget for it around £300ish. I like the look of cases like CoolerMaster MasterCase Pro 6, NZXT s340 Elite, and Corsair Crystal 570X. But they...
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